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Get dental care for the entire family! Bringing your child to the dentist while they are young is very important. Not only will it help prevent gum and tooth disease, but it will also teach them the proper way to take care of their dental hygiene in order to form good habits for years to come.

“An exceptional dentist who cares so much for his patients!”

– Chiara E.

Accidents can happen, especially with active kids who like to play! We offer 24 hour emergency dental care so you can bring your child in for treatment no matter the time of day.


We also know that having a family can make your life extremely busy and hectic. We have evening and weekend appointments available so you can fit dental care into your schedule.

Start your child's dental care today.

Don't break the bank trying to pay for your family's dentistry. We accept most insurance as well as PPO to help cover the out of pocket costs for your dental care and treatment. You can get dental services at a great price!


Do you or your child need extra dental care? Our dentist is also licensed in prosthodontics. View our Prosthodontics page for details.

Cost-efficient dental care.

It's never too soon to bring your children to the dentist! With over 23 years of experience, our staff will make your child's experience fun and comfortable so they will enjoy their visit to the dentist.

Friendly and caring dentistry for your family.

Exceptional dentistry for the entire family!