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Are you worried about the condition of your gums? If you think you might have a gum disease, you can rely on our periodontist to prevent, diagnose, or treat your periodontal disease. We have the latest technology in early detection and treatment for your gum disease.

“Professional dentist and staff await you with utmost dental care!”

– Terri Le

Can't wait for your dentist's office to open? No problem. We provide 24 hour emergency dental care to soothe your pain as soon as possible. We also have evening and weekend appointments available.


Are you worried about the cost of your dental care? We accept most insurances and PPO to make your treatment more affordable.

Periodontic care when you need it.

Don't let your gum disease get worse! We can start treatment for all your periodontal problems today. From simple repairs to surgical procedures, we can do it all so you won't have to worry about your gum disease again.


Has your periodontal disease caused wear that is beyond repair? We specialize in dental implants. View our Implants & Veneers page for details.

Protect your gums from disease.

You can count on our dentist's 23 years of experience to provide you with gentle and professional periodontal services. Begin to treat your gum disease today so you can live pain-free again.

Professional periodontic treatment you can trust.

Say goodbye to gum disease.